25 Ways Your Health Benefits From Cycling

This week, Targitfit is pleased to bring you a feature by James Rackliffe:

Cycling is a sport that I started as a side-effect of beginning to do Triathlons. Little did I know all the health benefits that would come out of it! Thanks to bad allergies, when I started my cycling journey, I used to get winded doing a 5-mile ride around a park near my house. Now, several years later, I am busy training to compete in my first Ironman and at the age of 35 have never been healthier. This led me to look into the changes I had experienced in weight, well-being, and vast improvements in other aspects of my health. When I started putting together all the results, these were the top 25 benefits I found for cycling:

Biking Health Benefits - 25 Health Benefits of Cycling

This infographic first appeared on DocTriathalon.com.

James is a 35 year old Triathlete and owner of DocTriathlon. He started his site to help people get into the sport of triathlon and to help spread the benefits associated with the sports involved.

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