5 Ways to Incorporate CBD Into Your Fitness Plan

This week, Targitfit is pleased to bring you an informative health article by Lily Brooks:


The perception of CBD has changed and it’s become exceedingly acceptable to consume it in some capacity. In my case, I use it together with my fitness routine.



1) Morning pick-me-up

CBD tones down the jitters from that vital morning cup of coffee.

I have long known that I would never be a morning person. My brain refuses to function in the early hours but remains active well past midnight. However, my job requires that I get up early so, like most night owls, I consume coffee to perk me up and keep me awake during the day. Caffeine, unfortunately, sometimes gives me migraine headaches and I become a tad irritable. Luckily, I’ve discovered that one or two drops of CBD in my morning coffee help keep my brain alert and active while taking away some of the jitteriness that caffeine can cause.

2) Supercharged workout

I think any gym-goers would understand that, while working out offers an overall boost to our health, there are aspects about it that we don’t necessarily like. In my case, it’s doing cardio. I find treadmills and stationary bikes dull and repetitive. Even running outdoors is too stressful for my liking. To motivate myself on cardio days, I’ve started using CBD with my exercise. I normally add 3 to 5 drops of CBD oil into the smoothie I drink before my cardio workout and, since starting that, I now look forward to cardio days and workout time seems to pass a lot quicker than when I don’t use CBD.

3) Workout Recovery

Apart from perking me up in the morning, I’ve also begun to use CBD oil as a means of recovery after my workout sessions. After a particularly intense workout, I usually suffer from muscle aches for the next couple of days. A few drops of CBD oil into my morning smoothie or right before bedtime eases some of the pain and tension. With this routine, I am able to get back to the gym a lot sooner than when I didn’t include CBD oil into my recovery. Also, my productivity previously suffered days after an intense workout. My mind isn’t as active when my muscles are sore, so I tend to take time off work to recover. Suffice it to say I don’t do that anymore.


4) Relaxation

I make it a point not to do any office work during the weekend. I even avoid going to yoga classes or working out in the gym on weekends. It’s my time to relax and recuperate. But with so much going on in my life and at work, I sometimes find it hard to calm my senses and just relax. Naturally, I turned to a little herbal help in the form of CBD. I take a few drops, 3 to 5 right after meals on weekends so I wake up bright and early the following day ready to complete all my weekend tasks. With its help, I am still able to function normally, run errands, pay bills, meet friends–all a little more calmly and peacefully.

5) Sleep

I’ve already mentioned my difficulty quieting my mind. This is even more challenging at night when I want to get to sleep early and my brain is just too over-excited to let me sleep. So I started taking CBD pills or edibles to help me enjoy a night of deep sleep. It’s been quite successful. It’s helped me to retrain my mind to sleep earlier than usual and, now, some nights I don’t even need to take CBD to fall asleep.


Lily Brooks, a passionate blogger who loves to write about innovative ideas on promoting physical and mental health. She is currently working with GreenSociety which offers top quality CBD online.


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