Add Some Color–and Energy!–to Your Morning With a Superfood Latte

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If you’ve only ever sipped on a latte made from coffee and milk, you’re in for a colorful, flavorful treat! Nutritious, energizing superfood lattes typically include milk — made from dairy, nuts, or grains — plus one or more superfood ingredient. Wondering what makes a superfood super? While there’s no scientific basis to this term, it generally means the food is nutrient-dense and offers plenty of research-backed health benefits. While you may choose to drink these lattes for their nutritional highlights, they also feature a range of bright, beautiful colors (like the verdant green of matcha and the golden hue of turmeric) and intriguing flavor profiles (like starchy, sweet taro). Some superfood latte ingredients may boost energy levels without caffeine, while others may include a shot of espresso to get you through the afternoon slump. Want to learn more about superfood lattes? Scroll through the infographic below to discover some of the most common options, plus what makes them healthy.

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