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Working out in the gymThe TargitFit Pro Trainer offers professional Gyms another alternative for their customers fitness. Aerobics classes or Stairs can become boring pretty quick, but with more than 115 exercises available with TargitFit, you can keep your customers coming back for more.

Want to implement the Targitfit Training system into your gym? Here are some answers to help explain why you should:

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1. How is the Targit Fitness Class different from other programs?

There are many answers to this question, but the short answer is that having the Targit Fitness Classes at your club is like putting your entire gym in your group training area. One personal trainer can instruct several people at once, teaching them proper form and exercises that can be done on free weight equipment or machines, all the while providing the necessary resistance needed for all the different muscle groups.

2. How many Targit Trainers can be put into a group training area?

Because a TargitFit Pro Trainer takes up less than four square feet, you can put as many TargitFit Pro Trainers on your floor as you can aerobics steps.

3. Can the Targit Fitness Classes be taught by aerobics instructors?

Targit Fitness Classes are definitely cardiovascular, but they are not aerobics classes. We require your instructors to be certified by Targit Fitness Systems and recommend that they also be certified personal trainers. An aerobics instructor could be certified to also teach a Targit Fitness Class, but the classes lean more towards resistance training than conventional aerobics. The exception to this is that the Targit Trainer can be used as a step for step aerobics classes and can easily be integrated with a step class to create a cross-training class for resistance and aerobics.

4. Is the Targit Trainer easy to maintain?

Maintenance is limited because there are no moving parts.  Be sure to wipe the exterior of the Trainers periodically and enjoy a great work out!

5. How much will it cost to implement the Targit Fitness System?

Comparatively, the Targit Fitness System averages out to be less than most other resistance training classes.  In addition to the cost savings, the Targit Fitness System does a lot more than anything on the market—so you will be saving money and getting more for your dollar.

6. Trainer Durability?

The TargitFit Pro Trainer is extremely tough and will withstand any workout you give it.

7. High Membership Volume

Because of the TargitFit Pro Trainer’s compact design you will be able to get a very high volume of members in your workout area.

8. Motivational

Your members will have a great workout with a Certified Trainer every time they work out.  Never again will they have to rely on a training partner to motivate them.

9. Convenience

Members will have guidance and proper form when they work out, with the convenience of one piece of equipment instead of moving between several work out stations.

10. Two in One

High performance resistance workouts have been proven to burn more body fat and increase muscle tone than conventional aerobics alone.  The TargitFit Pro Trainer can also double as a step for step aerobics.  It’s like doing two classes in one.

11. Educational

If a first-time member wants to learn a great deal about resistance training on the machines and free weights, the TargitFit exercises mimic most exercises done in the weight room, allowing them to learn while they work out.

12. Superior Training Tool

Your members will learn over 115 different exercises, some so unique to the TargitFit Pro Trainer that there aren’t any machines built that can duplicate the movements.

13. Rehabilitation

If a member has been injured and wants a fantastic tool for rehabilitation, physicians from all over the world have already been using this type of resistance for years with dramatic results.  There is no harmful stress on the joints or tendons.  For this reason alone almost any age group can participate in TargitFit Classes.

14. Consistency

Members will always be guaranteed a great work out.

15. Improve Member Retention

The TargitFit Pro Trainer puts a whole new twist on resistance workouts by allowing your members to get more variety out of your health facility by giving them an alternative to free weights and/or machines. This will put a higher number on your bottom line.

16. Improve Overall Health

Resistance training with the TargitFit Pro Trainer will improve members’ strength, overall cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility and bone density. This type of training can also lower cholesterol and blood pressure and will increase the metabolism, as well.

17. Smoother Action

The TargitFit Pro Trainer's distinctively designed exercises and smooth resistance allow members to maintain focus on their performance, so they’ll be able to put more intensity into their workouts.

18. Variety

If members are tired of doing the same old work outs on the free weights or machines, have them try a TargitFit Class--they won’t be disappointed!

19. Extremely Cost Effective

For the same cost of just two treadmills, you can get set up and be on your way to one of the most exciting fitness products to hit the health club industry in years!

20. Very Portable

The TargitFit Pro Trainer’s small light weight design makes it extremely easy to transport them. Storage is made simple as well because you can stack them up along any wall or in any area of your facility.