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TargitFit Pro Trainers in School


Students will always be in safe hands with a Certified Instructor teaching proper form and lifting techniques. This will help avoid injury and over-training.


Group training is always more fun. Students will enjoy lifting right alongside their friends. The intensity will be greater in a group class because of the competitive aspect. They will always get a great work out in a TargitFit Class.

Sturdy and Long Lasting

The TargitFit Pro Trainer is built to last, and can withstand everyday use by students.

Ease of use

The power cords are much more user friendly than free weights or machines. They also put much less stress on the joints, tendons, and growth plates.

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The TargitFit Pro Trainer is portable enough that a class training workout can be set up almost anywhere; in any classroom, in the school library, even outside in the grass.

Two for one

Students will get the benefits of both cardio and resistance training in one class with one piece of equipment. The TargitFit Pro Trainer will keep not only their muscles stronger, but also their heart and lungs as well.


Individual TargitFit Pro Trainers can be stowed easily in a locker, or a group of them can be stacked along any wall in any equipment room or gymnasium.


Compared to other fitness equipment, the TargitFit Pro Trainers are significantly less expensive. Especially when compared to everything the TargitFit Pro Trainers can do, several pieces of equipment would have to be purchased in order to do what one TargitFit Pro Trainer can do.