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Personal Training with TargitFit Pro Trainer

Personal training workout10 Reasons Why You Should Implement the Targit Fitness System in Your Personal Training Program

  1. Cross Training—Not only can you perform resistance training but you can also do step exercises with the TargitFit Pro Trainer, giving your clients a wider variety of training.
  2. Smoother Action—The TargitFit Pro Trainer’s distinctively designed exercises and smooth resistance allows clients to maintain focus on their performance, so they’ll be able to put more intensity into their workouts.
  3. Rehab—If you have clients who are recovering from injury, you will be able to train them more safely and effectively with the TargitFit Pro Trainer.
  4. Superior Training Tool—Your clients will learn over 115 different exercises, made easy to master by the TargitFit Pro Trainer’s simple color coded system. Some of the exercises are so unique to the TargitFit Pro Trainer that there aren’t any machines built that can duplicate the movements. man working out with targitfit trainer
  5. Cost Effective—Why spend thousands of dollars on equipment when all you need is the TargitFit Pro Trainer? It delivers a superior workout for a fraction of the cost.
  6. Volume and Convenience—Train one or more clients at once, either in their home or at the gym, increasing your bottom line. No matter where you are you can train your clients in a more private area, giving you and them a better personal working experience.
  7. Portable—The TargitFit Pro Trainer weighs under 30 lbs and is everything you need for a great work out. It fits neatly in your front seat or the trunk of your car.
  8. Safer Form of Resistance—Cut your insurance premiums due to the type of resistance used—less chance of injuries.
  9. Train Anyone—The TargitFit Pro Trainer adapts to just about any age and size. The TargitFit Pro Trainer provides resistance as low as 5 lbs up to over 400 lbs, so you can train almost every age group and fitness level, from kids to senior citizens, from first-timers to experienced lifters.
  10. Low Maintenance—The TargitFit Pro Trainer requires very little maintenance. Just a little TLC once in awhile and you’ll always have a great workout.

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